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Yoshiaki Fujimoto
Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1983.
Worked at the Hotel Nikko Osaka “Les Celebrites” (Shinsaibashi, Osaka) for 11 years, during which time, he received awards in numerous French cuisine concours.
At the young age of 29, he was appointed sous-chef (assistant cook), and has since continued to enjoy the support of customers who are fond of French cuisine.
On July 12, 2013, he opened the Restaurant Difference as owner-chef.

We solicit for staff members for Difference.
There are no restrictions on age or experience, so please feel free to contact us.
Please view the conditions and situation of our restaurant and our staff on our DifferenceFacebookpage.

Contact number for inquiries is 06-6479-1140 (closed on Tuesdays)